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Rahies Indian Takeaway

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Welcome to Rahies Indian Takeaway Official Website and Online Ordering Portal. Rahies is located in the glorious seaside town of Weston Super Mare. Over the years we have been delivering delicious Indian food to our locals and the choice to collect takeaway orders from our shop at Locking Road. At Rahies Indian Takeaway we use the finest ingredients to prepare the dishes for our customers. Each dish is carefully prepared to order by our highly experienced Chef that gives it its fabulous flavour. Our extensive menu has some of the most unique special dishes for you to try as well as many popular Indian classics. Whether you fancy a Biryani or Bhaji, Jalfrezi or Balti we have something to suit every taste. 

So what are you waiting for? Click on the ‘SEE MENU & Order‘ button to order directly from our secure ordering page. Once your order is placed we will confirm it straight back to your phone or PC in real time and let you know how long it will take before you have even left the ordering page, so you are assured we have received your order. Put your feet upn to ordefont-size: crfime andng : 1nr Pta-id="b7c3825" data-element_type="section" id7to or25" dlw &<]0ading.depe="s11btype="seoakeaway.co.uk/w9f Js. isht! On]oyeet upning.r secIndian Takeaway we use-/b>.r secw &y from ouefonmentrewa>&#du to trys any haydiv>

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